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Do you donate to places like Salvation Army or to homless shelters?
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Lucky Airport Arrival
Ever wish there was someone to meet you at the airport when you arrive?  Just imagine how you would feel if you were greeted like this!
Invite Your Friends - Pass It On! 4 Years!
Wow! Invite your friends now to join Virtual Earth Village - to become part of a greater voice - sharing whatever they are doing to make change however great or small, composting, recycling, feeding the hungry, biking to work... this video is a "must see!" Pass it on!

Liberty Garden
Written by Bob Skelding   

Did you know that even in cold and snowy climates, Brussel sprouts and Kale will stay green and good in the garden, well into January? This is a short article on how raise 1000 pounds of easy to store vegetables on a 40 x 50 plot of ground.
Check out this lighthearted video - and tell someone you love them today . . .
Stand By Me
Check out this inspiring video.  Stand By Me performed by musicians all over the world.
Written by Cary Ellis   

Imagine swimming in the Pacific Ocean and realizing you are surrounded by an island of plastic. Not plastic bags and bottles, but this island is made up of billions of plastic particles only visible when you're floating in it. Serious? Very.


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